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Sto Tour The Galaxy Pdf Download


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Sto Tour The Galaxy Pdf Download


Tour them all and you'll get a bonus! Klingon[edit source] Targak's Challenge You think you have the guramba to finish one of my challenges? Fine. From the Qo'noS Sector, head west to the Archanis System in the Archanis Sector. All rights reserved. Notes[edit edit source] Since you can contact the mission giver remotely, it is recommended to get set on your preferred start line (in this case the Teneebia System) before accepting the mission. From the Lirss System, head east to the Alini System in the Alini Sector. From the Gamma Eridon System, head west to the New Romulus System in the Azure Sector. Gamepedia powered by Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Newsletter Civ 6 Leaders Sign In Register Careers Help Civ 6 Wiki About Curse Advertise Terms of Service Privacy Policy Civ 6 Districts Copyright 2005-2016, Curse Inc. You have to fly through the system for the mission to register the pass. From the Sanek System, head north west to the Qo'noS System in the Qo'noS Sector. All rights reserved. The Sectors and Sector Blocks do not have to be visited in sequence. Diplomatic Immunity and Raiding Party Buffs from other players will give you a temporary boost to your sector space speeds. Travelling through eight sector blocks during the mission awards the Well Travelled space trait which reduces Transwarp cooldown by 20%. From the Ferenginar System, head west to the Breen System in the Breen Sector. From the Tzenketh System, head east to the Mizar System in the Mizar Sector. While there are a few ways of completing the tour, this guide will focus on one which is proven to do both Quadrants within the time limit. From the Nimbus System, head east to the Lirss System in the Lirss Sector. From Deep Space Nine, head south-west to the Algira System in the Algira Sector. START: Beta Quadrant[edit edit source] Go to the middle of the Teneebia System, accept the mission, then travel over to the Hobus Sector and fly through the Nimbus System. Gamepedia Help Sign In Register . If you are teamed the objectives will not be completed. Each visited sector block rewards 25,000 , 35 exploration and 25 trade CXP (this scales with level, the route outlined and the EC reward is for a top tier player). 403 Forbidden . ef1da23cbc

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